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Welcome to the South Plains Young Marine Blog

Hello, community!

Welcome to the South Plains Young Marines Blog. We are a unit of the national non-profit organization, Young Marines that provides opportunities for young people to develop character, leadership, and physical fitness through participation in a variety of activities.

Our unit is open to children ages 8-18, or the completion of high school, whichever comes first. Youth that join our unit start out as a Recruit and must complete a minimum of 26 hours before graduating and becoming a Young Marine. Our unit participates in a variety of events geared towards our country and Veteran appreciation, as well as hiking and encampments each year.

The South Plains Young Marines started it's unit in October of 2019 with just a handful of youth. To date, we have 12 Young Marines and 11 Recruits in our unit and continue to grow with each new Recruit Series.

Future articles will mostly be written by one or more of our Young Marines and Recruits and will give great insight on what our unit is up to with each event we attend.

We hope you'll join us for one of our many activities this year!

Young Marines and Recruits listening to a Drug Demand Reduction presentation by LCpl Lugo K.

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